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Wenzhou HeLi Spring Co., Ltd.

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Wenzhou Heli Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd. (The former is Yueqing Spring Factory) is located in Liushi-Chinese Electric City and at the foot of State Famous Scenic Spot-Yandang Mountain, close to No.104 international high-way. It is only 20 kms from Wenzhou Airport and Train Station to our company. Our company was founded in 1992, and now has more than 5800 square meters workshop. It is one of the China Spring Professional Association Enterprises and the backbone of this industry professionally manufactures springs.

Through more than 20 years practice, exploration and development, our company has largely improved its technology and management, and first passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification in this industry. In the international market, our company always put quality in the important position, and strictly controls the quality. Our company have over 50 machines from Taiwan, such us multifunctional computer spring machine, computer spring puller, spring grater and net-strap backfire stove and so on. We also set up fastener workshop in Suzhou, built Kunshan Heli Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Now Wenzhou Heli Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a strong enterprise and bases on domestic demand to contribute to national industry.

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